FREE pdf Chapters. These select chapters are identical for the following prestigious books: “THE END TIMES UNVEILED,” and “THE RAPTURE AND DANIEL’S 70th WEEK UNVEILED.”
Both Books have the same exact content- just a different Title and ISBN#.

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  • Introduction click this link
  • Why Is It Important To Study Prophecy (This is chapter 1) click this link
  • Does Matthew 24 Support a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Or Not?  (This is chapter 12 from the book)  click this link
  • Why Is The 70th Week of Daniel Foundational to Understanding The End Times?  (This is chapter 21 from the book)  click this link
  • What Is The Most Important Thing In Life, And How Can You Be Sure You’ll Go To Heaven?  (This is chapter 28 from the book) click this link

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